24th to 26th - March 2017.
Venue : Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore.

24th - Knee

Time Session Person
9-10AM Guest Lecture(8mins)-ACL session Chair persons:-
Dr Jagdeesh
Dr Sachin Tapasvi
9:00 Anatomical ACL reconstruction Dr Clement Joseph
9:09 Graft and Fixation –When and where Dr Arumugam
9:18 ACL avulsion fixation Dr Vikram
9:26 Repair of ACL –when and Where , Role of internal brace for ACL and MCL Dr Jurgen Barthofer
9:34 Snap shot of All inside ACL Dr Ragav Barve
9:42 All inside technique for ACL Dr Jurgen Barthofer
9:50 ALL –when and where,  Dr Sachin Tapasvi
9:59 Revision ACL technique and Tips Dr Deepak Chaudhary
15mins Discussion  
10:15- 10:45 Panel discussion- ACL and Colleterals (30mins) (Moderator-Dr.Vivek Pandey) Dr  Jurgen Barthofer,
Dr Sachin Tapasvi
Dr David Rajan
Dr Jacob Verghese
Dr Palanivel Rajan  
10:46- 11:15 Panel discussion- Meniscus (30mins) (Moderator-Dr.S.R.Sundararajan) Dr Jurgen Barthofer
Dr  Sachin Tapasvi
Dr  Jagdeesh
Dr David Rajan
Dr Arumugam
Dr Vinod Kumar.P
11:16-12:04 Guest Lecture(8mins)-PCL and PLC session Chair persons:-
Dr Palanivel Rajan
11:16 Anatomy and Acute Posteromedial corner injury management Dr K Santosh Sahanand
11:24 Management of Chronic Posteromedial Corner Injury Dr Vikram
11:32 Anatomy of PLC and acute PLC injury management Dr Arumugam
11:41 Chronic PLC injury management Dr Sachin Tapasvi
11:49 PCL Avulsion Dr Jagdeesh
11:57 All Inside PCL Dr Attique Vasdev
12:05-12:35 Panel discussion- Multiligament injury (Moderator-Dr.S.R.Sundararajan) Dr Clement Joseph
Dr Jacob Verghese
Dr Nagraj Shetty
Dr Deepak chaudhary
Dr Vinod Kumar.P
    12:36-1:30     Symposia- hall A (12mins) Cartilage session Chair persons:-
Dr Satish Servegar
12:48 Microfracture Technique and Result Dr Ramakanth.R
1:00 OCD assessment and treatment algorithm Dr Palanivel Rajan
1:12 Mosaicplasty technique Dr Nagraj Shetty
1:24 BMAC Dr Clement Joseph
12:36-1:30 symposia-Hall B (12 mins) Patella session Chair persons:-
Dr Deepak chaudhary
Dr Vivek pandey
12:48 Patella instability and anatomic consideration Dr Vivek Pandey
1:00 MPFL reconstruction –when and how(technique) Dr Raghuveer Reddy
1:12 Osteochondral injury- remove it or fix it Dr Jacob Verghese
1:24 Bony procedure –why and when Dr Raghuveer Reddy
2PM Live surgeries –
1) ALL inside ACL Reconstruction + Percutaneous MCL Augmentation.
2)Cartilage repair-BMAC for femoral condyle
3)Arthroscopic MPFL reconstruction
4)Arthroscopic ACL,LCL,HTO
5)Arthroscopic double bundle PCL reconstruction
6)Arthroscopic ACL,PCL,PLC, Reconstruction
7)Revision ACL Reconstruction
8)Arthroscopic ACL +/-open MCL Reconstruction
9)MCL Reconstruction (allograft)
10)Arthroscopic Root repair

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